About VEA


Brian Clancy performing at the MFA National Festival

The Vandoren Emerging Artist Competition started in 2010 as a way to identify the next generation  of great clarinetists and saxophonists and acknowledge them for their talent, the work it took to succeed and the artistry they display on their instrument.

The competition has also become a vehicle for young composers through the VEA commissions project to enlarge the clarinet and saxophone repertoire.


Liam Burke and Emil Khudyev perform at the VEA concert in Paris

The Vandoren Emerging artist competition is open to any highly  proficient saxophonist or clarinetist – in Jazz or Classical –  between the age of 18 and 23. The winners are chosen by a committee of Vandoren performing artists. Each contestant will submit an audition recording featuring pieces from the required repertoire. The winners will perform at the Vandoren VEA concert in Indianapolis at the Music For All convention in March and visit Paris to meet representatives from Vandoren and participate in a number of activities.